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Spring returns

So it is that spring has once again returned to little haven. The mornings are still chilly with frost and the ground much too cold to plant spring or summer veg, however the scent of blossoms have started to drift in the slightly warmer air and it is no longer complete darkness when we get home each night.

The ornamental pear & cherry plum trees have blossomed into life and are now abuzz with bees, which is music to our ears.

Four days into the start of spring one of our little hens has laid their first ever eggs, and as first time chicken owners the level of excitement was very much over the top, most likely to the chargrin of co-workers and family. They spend their time free ranging around the property when we’re home, and they are in their chicken tractor during the week so they always have some fresh grass and bugs to peck at.

With spring comes a list of a million of things to do around the garden. The veggie garden is being shifted to a new spot, there is ground to level, fences to be built, pea gravel & soil to be ordered and spread, seeds to be planted, irrigation to be fixed and in other places installed, weeding to be done, trees to be mulched and check which plants made it through the frosts (the clary sage is looking wonderful!)

Despite the large workload we are thrilled to be outside again, enjoying the longer days and the sunshine when we get it. Sage, our puppy that has grown incredibly fast and is now 13 weeks old is loving the activity outside and tries to do his bit by collecting sticks, helping us dig holes for plantings, herding chickens, and nibbling on anything that looks edible.

The thing we have come to realise since living at little haven is that despite the fact that there is always something else we could be doing, making time to literally stop and smell the flowers and be mindful of the beauty around us is something truly worthwhile and it is an act of gratitude and reciprocity.

Then, in-between it all we are trying to plan walks up in the high country to see the spring wildflowers, booking out time to visit all the upcoming farmers and bush markets and making sure to have the last bonfire or two before the fire restrictions come in.

So there you have it. Little haven in the full swing of the dance called Spring & wherever you may be reading this from we wish you a fertile and abundant season.

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  • Reply Michelle September 28, 2019 at 8:26 pm

    Great photos and stunning part of he world. How awesome is Spring???

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