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Spring has arrived at Little Haven

Spring is a time of new beginnings and creative ventures, a perfect time to launch this little blog of ours. While winter has its stark beauty & promises of cosy fires and hot chocolate indulgences  I have to admit that I was longing for the warmth of spring more fiercely than normal. Spring is my favourite season, I always feel revitalised, full of energy ready to go with all those projects we have been planning during cold winter nights. I struggle to restrain from planting my seedlings too early, as I know the spring’s frost are still to come so I plant seeds in trays instead and spend time enjoying the spring flowers & the buzzing of bees that have appeared in great numbers all around the garden.

Our two latest alpaca additions, Odin & Merlin, are doing well while their older brothers Voodoo & Spartacus alternate between being fiercely protective of them to asserting their dominance in their special alpaca way. Even though they have enough grass now, we still occasionally treat them to some lucerne & pellets that they love.

The brassica flowers from last season add colour to a rather bare veggie patch however the heirloom spring onion with its crimson bulb is still going strong.  Simply having the veggie patch ready to go, after a lot of hard work over the winter of creating the beds, shovelling soil & compost and layering with straw and newspaper, is such an exciting prospect and I promise myself, ‘soon’ I’ll fill it with tasty things for summer.

The rest of the day is spent mulching & pruning quite a bit of rosemary that would be used for dinner and decorating the house and after such a rewarding, yet tiring, day what a better way to end it then with a cup of herbal tea and reminding myself to enjoy every moment of this wonderful season.

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  • Reply dorota dudzinski October 2, 2018 at 11:19 pm

    So good to see that you enjoy your life Coreczko and that you happy with your decision to move to the country.Beautiful photos too.

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