Oxley Bush Markets

It was a lovely spring’s day on Saturday, perfect timing for the 39th annual Oxley Bush Markets. We have never visited before yet had heard wonderful reviews, some saying it was the best in regional Australia, so with those endorsements ringing in our ears  and only being a short drive from home so we thought we would check it out.

There were so many stalls and people, and set at the historic Oxley Shire Hall grounds it was lively, picturesque and even had live music. It is exactly what you expect a charming country market to be, and even had a stall selling farm tools to remind you of where you were and with around 175 stalls there was something for everyone.

There was a stall selling only beautiful roses and another for vegetable seedlings, however this time I was not tempted as all my spring seedlings are already in the ground and growing, mostly, wonderfully.

Garden ornaments & pretty succulents in pots were on display, and sage that had been grown nearby in Mount Beauty and rolled by the shop owner, which was wonderful to see due to the issues of unsustainable harvesting of wild white sage world wide.

Not surprisingly our favourite was all the gourmet food on offer, and the stand out was the salami from artisan butchers The Meat Room that gave us a full tasting of their range. The owners were so passionate and spent time with us describing each one and we fell in love with all of them but settled on two and also one delicious chorizo that we knew would go perfectly with the paella spices we picked up from another stall.

So if you are ever in the North-East on Saturday during the first weekend of November we suggest you do not wait as long as we did to check it out as it’s a wonderful way to spend a morning, meet some new people & soak up that relaxed yet vibrant country atmosphere.

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