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Summer days

Summer has well and truly arrived at little haven with the bird bath proving to be very popular with the local bird life, heat waves that has seen temperatures soar to as high as 44.c, summer storms with massive downpours, and the paddocks looking so bare it is hard to believe they will ever return to their previous green, flourishing state. (But they do and they will).

(Now that the leaking pipe has been fixed hopefully the agapanthas recover as well!)

Luckily around the house its still quite green thanks, in part, to the shade of large trees. The alpacas are clearly thankful their fleece has been sheared, though some days it is still too warm and they have been seen dipping their heads into the drink troughs. It is making us contemplate purchasing them a kiddy pool to cool down in.

The vegetable garden needs to be watered once daily to cope with the heat and we already are planning ideas for shade structures for next year. On the plus side, the mixture of hot weather and heavy downpours has seen the garden flourish and we see new growth every day.

We also painted our old rocking chairs that we found at an op shop and one from Facebook marketplace and they look as good as new with their bright white new coat.

Also we upgraded the compost into a large two bay system out of recycled wooden pallets which makes me excited about the wonderful compost we will be able to produce. If only 16 year old me could see me now – excited over compost!

In many ways summer, like winter, is a time of rest. Except instead of cold days with tea by the fire we have lazy hot afternoons, cooling off at local swimming holes, reading books under the fan or planning out next season’s garden activities. However you like to spend your summers remember not to push yourself too hard during this season and always find some time for rest and rejuvenation.

Wishing you a very happy new year, Eve & Tom and all the animals from little haven.

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